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  • Free Books!

    Apr 14, 17 • FictionComments Off on Free Books!
    Free Books!

    Yes, it’s FREE BOOKS time again! This weekend only, Tyler Tork is at Minicon 52, and to make things more fun we’re giving away the Kindle ebook edition of Doctor Dead: A Percy & Quincey Adventure, for free! If you’re the get-down-to-brass-tacks sort here’s the link —...

  • Fiction:
    “Your Call May Be Recorded For Training Purposes,”
    by Simon Kewin

    Apr 12, 17 • FictionNo Comments
    Fiction:<br />“Your Call May Be Recorded For Training Purposes,”<br />by Simon Kewin

    Thank you for calling CyberSeven Systems. Your call is important to us. Please be aware that it may be recorded for training purposes. “Yes, hi, I need help. Urgent help. I …” You now have three options...

  • Fiction: “Without a Leg to Stand On,”
    by Ed Wyrd

    Apr 7, 17 • FictionNo Comments
    Fiction: “Without a Leg to Stand On,” <br />by Ed Wyrd

    Alan was a veteran of the Theta-Eridani wars of aught six. Many thought Earth should never have gotten involved in an interstellar border dispute, that it was none of our business. “No blood for tralphium!” was one of many anti-war chants. Turns out, the protests took longer to coordinate than the war itself...

  • Fiction: “Master Peaseblossom’s Fireworks”
    by Dafydd Mckimm

    Apr 5, 17 • FictionNo Comments
    Fiction: “Master Peaseblossom’s Fireworks” <br />by Dafydd Mckimm

    Master Peaseblossom sits alone in his dark workshop. It is a haggard, wheezing old thing: The walls sag beaten and bruised black; the floor, half-drowned in clutter, struggles to catch its breath beneath the heavy odour of saltpetre and sulphur that hangs over it like an old London fog...

  • Fiction: “Morning Coffee,” by Stanley Kov

    Apr 3, 17 • FictionNo Comments
    Fiction: “Morning Coffee,” by Stanley Kov

    The coffee machine beeps. This is your cue. “Good morning, sir,” your house assistant says. “I’m afraid it’s time for you to get up.” “Hey, pal. How’s the weekends? See you at work today!” your friend’s voice screeches off your  answerphone. You lie in the darkness...