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From the Vault: SHOWCASE #1

showcasebannerIn June 2013 we launched SHOWCASE, as what was originally planned to be the free weekly webzine member of the Rampant Loon Press family. In its original form SHOWCASE ran for twelve issues—or possibly fourteen, there seems to be confusion on that point—before undergoing total tachyochronic collapse.

(Tachyochronic collapse is much like gravitional collapse, except that the thing at the center sucks in so much time that it eventually forms an event horizon beyond which nothing escapes.)

When we first launched SHOWCASE, we promised the authors involved that everything published in the webzine would eventually go into a book, to be available through our usual channels. We’re far behind schedule, but SHOWCASE (Vol. 1) is at last moving forward, with a targeted release date of July 1, 2015.

Until then, though, the original issues of SHOWCASE remain available on the web, albeit not easily found. Therefore, here is your (almost) last chance to read SHOWCASE #1, in all its original hideous glory, for the cost of clicking a link.


SHOWCASE #1 features:
Sarah L. Byrne The Vending Machine
Samuel Marzioli Smart Money
A. G. Carpenter Caught
Gary Cuba Seek Vista
Badger & Vole Review Star Trek: Into Darkness


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