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  • Fiction: “Jesus Leads the Jets to the AFC Championship”
    by Pete McArdle

    Jan 10, 15 • Fiction, Marquee1 Comment
    Fiction: “Jesus Leads the Jets to the AFC Championship”<br />by Pete McArdle

    Christ stepped under center and began barking out signals, his long, lank tresses hanging out the back of his helmet. McMullen, the Raiders’ weak-side linebacker, was on his toes as if to blitz, but the Lord saw through this ruse and figured Oakland was probably going to drop into a Cover-2 zone...

  • Fiction: “Under the Shimmering Lights” by Jamie Lackey

    Jan 9, 15 • Fiction, MarqueeNo Comments
    Fiction: “Under the Shimmering Lights” by Jamie Lackey

    Kirima’s ice skates hissed as she glided across her frozen pond. Four smooth strokes, then three crossovers, her left foot over her right, then four more strokes. Her skates left gouges and a trail of ice shavings. Her hair clung to her temples, and her breath misted in the cold air...

  • IMPORTANT: Reading Period Changes

    IMPORTANT: Reading Period Changes

    To kick off 2015, we’re announcing some important changes in how we’re handling submissions. STUPEFYING STORIES The complicated reading period schedule we tried to use in 2014 didn’t work. In order to clear time in our schedule to concentrate on book production, STUPEFYING STORIES magazine and the STUPEFYING STORIES PRESENTS anthology series...