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  • Book Release: STRAEON

    Book Release: STRAEON

    From the creator of the acclaimed Campbellian Anthology series comes STRAEON: a new quarterly exploration of stories that are longer, more complex, more mature, and more challenging than the norm. If you’re looking for space unicorns, sexy vampires, or short comedies that end in bad puns, you won’t find that here. But...

  • Fiction: “Tech Support” by John Oglesby

    Dec 9, 14 • Back Issues, Fiction5 Comments
    Fiction: “Tech Support” by John Oglesby

    “Excuse me, young man?” Oh great. I was just about to level-up, now this. I finally get a 15-minute stretch of mindless zombie-killing fun, and grandma has to bring me back to reality. “Young man, I was told that you’re tech support?”...

  • EOCL Sale: Stupefying Stories 1.3

    EOCL Sale: Stupefying Stories 1.3

    One of my pet peeves is the traditional publishing industry “All Rights for the Remaining Balance of Eternity” contract, so when we launched the e-book version of Stupefying Stories, I included a “three years and out” self-destruct clause in the contract. To my surprise we’re still here three years later...