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Rampant Loon Press Catalog

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Ahern Edward Happily Ever After Showcase 9
Aisteach Kyle The Wrong Dog Jul. 2013
Algernon S. R. On Main Street, After Closing Time Oct. 2012
Anderson Jarod K. Allegory at Table Seven Showcase 10
Andrew Jason Lessons Learned From My Fifth Attempt... Showcase 9
Antonelli Lou The Relic Dec. 2012
Armstrong Jason A Hole Showcase 7


Bagnall Robert Muscle the Menhir Showcase 2
Bangs Arthur The Mission Showcase 3
Belilovsky Anatoly Picky Oct. 2011
Belilovsky Anatoly If This Be Magic Nov. 2011
Belilovsky Anatoly In Vino Veritas Showcase 7
Belilovsky Anatoly Tempora Mutantur Showcase 9
Bennardo M. No Onions Aug. 2012
Bennardo M. Avocado Rutaga Aubergine Dec. 2012
Berg Carly Jackie We Hardly Knew Ye Showcase 9
Berger Elizabeth Moondust Nov. 2012
Bernardo Joy The Key Showcase 2
Bethke Bruce It Came From The Slushpile Aug. 2010
Bibo Jr. Bill The Wrong Side of the Rainbow Oct. 2012
Black E. A. The Oily Nov. 2011
Blackthorn Rose Untether’d Jan. 2012
Blackthorn Rose Blood and Water TWO (Nov. 2013)
Blake M. David Don’t Eat the Piano Player Jan. 2012
Blake M. David We Don't Plummet Out of the Sky Anymore Aug. 2010
Bordell Chuck Lincoln’s Revenant Mar. 2012
Bordell Chuck The Florence M-Oct. 2012
Bow Travis Daniel Snatching Baby Delilah Nov. 2012
Bowden R. L. The Garden Aug. 2012
Boyette Samantha The Robot Agenda Jul. 2013
Brown Ada Milenkovic Abaddon, Foul Angel of the Abyss Jan. 2012
Brown Ada Milenkovic Lover's Knot Nov. 2012
Brown S. Travis In Fall, After The Harvest Nov. 2011
Buentello Lawrence Indigene Jul. 2013
Burke Tim W. The Flint Indenture M-Oct. 2012
Byrne Sarah L. The Vending Machine Showcase 1


Carpenter A. G. Caught Showcase 1
Carter Theodore The Thirty-Ninth President and
The Fourteenth Tentacle
Sept. 2012
Caselberg Jay The Seeding Jan. 2012
Cato Beth Red Dust and Dancing Horses Mar. 2012
Cato Beth Toilet Gnomes at War Nov. 2012
Cato Beth Cold Beyond White Showcase 13
Cave Holly A. A is for Android TWO (Nov. 2013)
Clarke Cassandra Rose Blood and Saltwater M-Oct. 2012
Cline Eric Moonbubble Dec. 2012
Coate Steve Caveat Emptor Showcase 12
Cockburn DJ Seeking Kailash Jan. 2012
Colson Russ All the Beautiful Lights of Heaven Jul. 2013
Cottrill Torah Measure of Intelligence Dec. 2012
Creel Ryan Legacy of an Unwanted Titan Oct. 2012
Crich Kelda The All-Seeing Ring Showcase 8
Cuba Gary Oogie Tucker’s Mission Dec. 2011
Cuba Gary Going Out with a Bang M-Oct. 2012
Cuba Gary Nonsense 101 Nov. 2012
Cuba Gary Seek Vista Showcase 1
Cushing Nicole Eulogy to be Given By Whoever's Still Sober TWO (Nov. 2013)


David Jon We Talk Like Gods Dec. 2012
Davidson Martin Icehawk's Ill Omen Aug. 2010
Davis Jennifer White Showcase 9
Davis Scott M. The End Showcase 13
Davis Jr. Allan Quill Oct. 2011
Davis Jr. Allan First Rule Aug. 2010
Day Vox The Deported Oct. 2011
Day Vox The Last Testament of Henry Halleck Mar. 2012
Deming Clare L. The Bamboo Garden Nov. 2011
DesCombaz Paul Soft Magic Showcase 8
Dicken Evan Dark Illusions Oct. 2012
Dicken Evan Cottage Industry Jul. 2013
Dicken Evan Second to Last Stop TWO (Nov. 2013)
Dixon Paul Perchance to Wake Mar. 2012
Duke Shaun In the Shadows of the Empire of Coal Dec. 2012
Dyer Thoraiya Corsairs of the Concrete Sea Sept. 2012


Eads Sean The Revenge of Oscar Wilde TWO (Nov. 2013)
Edge T. D. Spirit Bags Jan. 2012
Embry Melissa In the Castle of the Assassins Sept. 2012
Eness Daniel Revival Oct. 2011
Evers Barbara V. Lifesource Aug. 2012


Ferris Bill The Consolidated Brotherhood of
Truly Bearded Santas
Dec. 2011
Ferris Bill Lucky Nov. 2012
Field Judith The Prototype Aug. 2012
Field Judith The Last Unit Jul. 2013
Fitzgerald Kersley Dave’s Fright Oct. 2011
Fitzgerald Kersley Secret Santa Dec. 2011
Fitzgerald Kersley Greater Love Mar. 2012
Fitzgerald Kersley LifeLine Aug. 2010
Fox Gef A Wolf Like Leroy Oct. 2012
Frost Julie Showing Faeries for Fun and Profit Jul. 2013
Frost Sarah Borrowed Feathers Nov. 2011


Galbraith Joanna Palmerino’s Dream Jan. 2012
George Samuel R. Between Life and Oblivion M-Oct. 2012
Goodman David Yener The Window Oct. 2011
Goodman David Yener Then the End Cometh Aug. 2010
Grintalis Damien Walters Wednesday's Child Nov. 2012
Guignard Eric J. The Calling Card Showcase 8
Gully Anton Assault and Buttery Aug. 2010


Habershaw Auston Thief of Hearts Sept. 2012
Helfritz Amy Ode Oct. 2011
Hemphill JC Colorful Caps Aug. 2012
Heneghan Michael Rooting for You Aug. 2012
Hill Mark A Homeowner’s Dilemma M-Oct. 2012
Hiven Sylvia The Growing Aug. 2012
Hobson Robert W. Not Everything Goes Bump M-Oct. 2012
Huntman Gerry Blue Stripped Dec. 2012


Iriarte Jóse Cabrón TWO (Nov. 2013)
Irwin Sharon Streaming M-Oct. 2012


Johnson J. R. Induction Day Mar. 2012
Johnston Samuel M. Queen of Sheba Nov. 2012
Jones Ryan M. Return to Earth Oct. 2011
Juneau Eric J. The Centaur Bride Aug. 2012


Kela Joel V. The Gods of Sand and Stone Dec. 2012
Kelly Erin Entrada Helen Went Beep Aug. 2012
Kewin Simon Professor Pandemonium's Train of Terror TWO (Nov. 2013)
Kewin Simon The Cat's Tale Showcase 3
Kim Holliann R. Citizen Astronauts Nov. 2012
Kozma Andrew Our New Benevolent Overlords Oct. 2012


Lackey Jamie Music from the Air Jan. 2012
Lackey Jamie Ashes to Diamonds M-Oct. 2012
Ladrey Jakeb Lliesl Catachronism Aug. 2010
Landrum David Sennacherib Dec. 2011
Larke Maude The Piano is a Percussion Instrument Showcase 5
Lee Parker Rheum Showcase 12
Leil A. A. HoPE Dec. 2012
Louise Franziska The Millionth Soul Showcase 2
Lunde Ron Highly Unlikely Dec. 2011


Malone Paul Mr. Non-Existent Dec. 2012
Marshall Caileigh The Cursed Wail Oct. 2011
Marzioli Samuel Father Pace Oct. 2012
Marzioli Samuel Smart Money Showcase 1
Mastrantone S. R. Full Disclosure Showcase 4
Matheson Michael The Thundering Dragon of Heaven Sept. 2012
Matrunick Rich Other Sister Oct. 2011
McDonald Stephen G. The Jade Box M-Oct. 2012
McGeever Fox The Ghost Train M-Oct. 2012
McKenzie Gary Home Security Nov. 2011
Mushung Lance J. Space Program Showcase 5
Mushung Lance J. Searching for Home Showcase 13


Niemann-Ross Mark The Music Teacher Jul. 2013
Niemann-Ross Mark On Writing “The Music Teacher” Showcase 4


Ogawa Yukimi Wall TWO (Nov. 2013)
Oglesby John Tech Support Aug. 2010


Parrish Rhonda Waste Not Showcase 4
Pearce Chris Bailey S&M Vampire Grrlz: The Movie Oct. 2011
Pearce Chris Bailey Security Aug. 2012
Pentecost Alison The Lord of Flocks Sept. 2012
Pinnt David C. Darcy and the Gill-Man Oct. 2012
Pinsker Sarah The Ants GO Marching Nov. 2012
Pluck Thomas The Old-Fashioned Way M-Oct. 2012
Potts Natalie J. E. Stanhope’s Finest Showcase 10


Roland Rebecca The King of Ash and Bones Nov. 2011
Roland Rebecca Gris-Gris for a Mal Pris TWO (Nov. 2013)
Rosson Keith The Things That Perish Along The Way TWO (Nov. 2013)
Russell Robert Lowell Elves Are Douchebags Showcase 2
Russell Robert Lowell Here There Be Monsters? Showcase 6
Ruth Georgia The Blue Ridge Wreath Showcase 8
Rye James Armstrong Aug. 2010


Sanford B. God Mic Sept. 2012
Shosty L. Joseph Morality for Alchemists and Thieves Jan. 2012
Shosty L. Joseph An Incident in Cain's Mark TWO (Nov. 2013)
Showers Stone Zombie Angst, or How to Pair
Human Brains With a Good Chianti
TWO (Nov. 2013)
Shvartsman Alex A Brief Respite from Eternity Mar. 2012
Shvartsman Alex Number Station Nov. 2012
Shvartsman Alex The Storyteller Showcase 6
Shvartsman Alex An Indelible Feast Showcase 10
Sim Anton Offworld TWO (Nov. 2013)
Sluss K. B. Bacco Joe Showcase 7
Snowden Shona Choice TWO (Nov. 2013)
Starr Aaron Bradford First Impressions Nov. 2011
Starr Aaron Bradford Seven Minutes to Bangor Dec. 2011
Starr Aaron Bradford Cog Noscenti Mar. 2012
Steffen David Door in the Darkness M-Oct. 2012
Steffen David Reckoning Showcase 7
Stewart Guy Teaching Woment to Fly Aug. 2010
Stewart Guy Oath Showcase 6
Stewart Guy On writing “Oath” Showcase 6
Stott Romie The Wishing Hour Showcase 5


Temples Phil The Little Thief Sept. 2012
Thomas Leah The Waiting Line (Many Elbows) TWO (Nov. 2013)
Thomas Sean The Lost Chapter from
Stranger in a Strange Land
Showcase 4
Tobler E. Catherine Heartbreath Nov. 2012
Tork Tyler The Cowrie Dec. 2011
Tork Tyler Night Shift of the Living Dead Oct. 2012
Turner Michael D. King of the Giant Monsters Oct. 2012
Turner Michael D. A Turning Point Showcase 4


Valdes Courtney Girl Without a Name Nov. 2012
Vaughan Taylor The Cubes Showcase 12
Vogel Henry Watch This! Nov. 2011
Vogel Henry Heart of Dorkness Aug. 2010


Wagner A.Q. High Heat Showcase 3
Williams Justin A. The Strange Machinery of Desire Dec. 2011
Winkler Michele Family Magic Aug. 2012
Wittman Jason Emissaries from Venus Mar. 2012
Wolf Mark Tiny, Tiny Hungers Dec. 2012
Wolf Mark For the Love of a Grenitschee Jul. 2013
Wood Peter Mission Accomplished Aug. 2012
Wood Peter Timeless Bore Showcase 5
Wood Peter Special Delivery Showcase 12


Xane Gregor It Came From Hell
And Smashed The Angels
TWO (Nov. 2013)


Yant Christie Office Demons Nov. 2012
Yona Kit Not Taken Showcase 6
Young Clarence Revolver Nov. 2012


Zaharick John After the Kaiju Attack Showcase 5
Zelazny Trent Snow Blind Dec. 2011
Zwicker Richard Stellar Dust and Mirrors Mar. 2012
Zwicker Richard Riddle Me Sept. 2012