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Stupefying Stories SHOWCASE is a production of Rampant Loon Media, LLC. If you want to learn more about our company and the things we produce, visit our web site at

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FICTION AUTHORS: SHOWCASE is part of the Stupefying Stories family of publications and uses the same submission queue and editorial team as Stupefying Stories magazine and the Stupefying Stories Presents series of theme anthologies. If you’d like to submit a story to us, you’ll find out how to do so at In particular, you can save yourself a lot of time by reading “What We Are Buying Now” and “What We Are NOT Buying Now.”

ARTISTS: Yes, we do buy original art, although all covers are assigned and we are not using interior illos in our books at this time. However, SHOWCASE has an insatiable appetite for 700 x 350 pixel “teaser” illos, and we’re always looking to expand our pool of potential cover artists. If you’d like us to consider using your artwork, please send queries only to editor [at] stupefyingstoriesshowcase [dot] com. Please do not send us your entire portfolio via email, as it stops up the email server like a sanitary napkin down the toilet and makes our IT guy very cross.

POETS: You yearn for acceptance / and words of affection / but all that you’ll get / is a one-line rejection. We don’t publish poetry.

NONFICTION: Yes, we’d like to expand this site to include articles of interest to our audience of SF/F fiction readers and writers. If you have a great idea for a column or article, we’d love to hear about it. Send queries only to editor [at] stupefyingstoriesshowcase [dot] com.

FEEDBACK: Found a broken link, seen something that looks wonky on your screen, spotted a typo too egregious to ignore, or have a great idea for how to improve this site? Please let us know, at feedback [at] stupefyingstoriesshowcase [dot] com.

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  1. E. R. Bills says:

    Do you do reviews of horror anthologies?