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Fiction: “StandBy from Quastroc” by Katrina Johnston

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From Pop Access Control, Pioneering, Quastroc Settlement, Subsect 12.

Gestay success: Viable obtained at Quastroc.


Settlement proclaims viab. Celebrate, merriment.


Seven day-units prev, Quastroc. Noted. Succ extract from materna cavity. Out-settler broadcast infoco conf single viab dubbed “Samdie762.” Breath. Mid-W healer plus obstric attend. Aid deliver. Jubilant.

Ten day-units post, viab respir reg. Nutrients taken, held. Quastroc parental claimants buoyed; eyedeed Forloc764 materna – pair bond affirm, eyedeed Jayloc769 presumed paterna. Hale and thee.


Viab gender estab: Male. No abnor, anoms, quirks. Gestay weight wagers closed. Time of extract, partum weight: 572KT, noted: Wagering closed post extract. Payout complete: Lotto window locked, time-code 2265.02.27.

Quastroc StandBy....


First succ partum materna claim primiG. Subsect, also first at Quastroc. Inhab moon-dancing. White moon orbit bisect minor green light-side. Quastroc decrees: Moon-dances legal, warranted. Rapture.

Day-unit nine update Quastroc....

Concur settlement direct, main trocars, expand canulus, discard. Quastroc viab cont indie breath. Populates hopeful; increase number, expand, diverse devel. Waiting. Viab thrive. Airways clear. Speci demos vigor resp reflex, nil hyaline compro. Nourish cont. Eyedeed, tentative human/Quastroc child. (Samdie762 pref moniker).


Viab/child, Samdie762, thrive mode, declare alive. Quastroc pride, BOY. Pred avg male longevity. Quastroc giddy. Settlers imbibe, pair and fervent moon-dance under yellow moon, mauve stars.

Debate erupts Quastroc: Req claim consent. 

Sec rep. Central Security ident rules. Protocols incite re-think params. Ref innovates and latest over-clauses, (cite particulars 17 to 32). Newest implants, better comple-max sec traction; infoco.

Stalemate. Latest intel accepts outland infoco. How to? Sector laws flare, change. (Expect update within 60 day-units). Parentals comply. No alt. Intra muscle band reqs ext (techie P47 plus protolet). CS pushes for togg implant.

Wide accept. Glostrid non-togg implants prov inclu extract sector infoco, subsector, genetic order, data, prequels and physical anoms, eyedent, every security. Latest tout is Glostrid Star II, innovate togg implant, expand, upgrade. Details regist, retrieve from Cen Sec. Togg implant ease. Mobility screen, posits, sec, tracking, genetics, citizenship.


Gov forcement. Parentals. Consent. Glostrid innovate. Nil obsos. Best for Quastroc prec child. Comply. Agree. Reluct.

StandBy. Update. 

Parentals opt Glostrid Star II, efficient, permits, monits, volumes, fast. Time code 2295.07. Same day-unit. Procedure begins. Time code 3071.39. Initiate.


Quastroc Update: Latest news: 
Post-op tragedy. Unforeseen.

Viab heretofore known as Samdie762 ceased respi at Subsect 12. Time code 1401.06, on viab twelfth day-unit full indie. Nil survive. “My child… woe.” Parentals both, materna and paterna weep, excess. Complic cite with implant proc. Nonspec. Unexpect. Resuss effort persist. Nil result.

StandBy. From Quastroc:

Materna unit, fert proven, eyedeed Forloc764, self-mutilated and deceased. Nil resuss attempt. Nonspec.

Waiting for obits from Quastroc. StandBy....

Two deceased. Serv under orange moonset.

Mourning. Tears, Materna and child…. Anguish. Pain.

StandBy.... StandBy.... StandBy....

Katrina Johnston is the winner of the CBC/Canada Writes True Winter Tale. Works of short fiction may be found at several on-line sites and a couple of print issues. She lives in Victoria, BC, Canada. The goal of her fiction is to share a human journey and explore. Occasionally she dabbles into science fiction.


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