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Book Release: The Recognition Run, by Henry Vogel

Rampant Loon Press is excited to announce the release of THE RECOGNITION RUN, a thrilling new novel by Henry Vogel. Rather than dish up our usual marketing copy, though, we’ll just start quoting reader reviews.

“The characters are well-crafted, the pacing is absolutely perfect, and any reader who’s enjoyed Robert Heinlein or Andre Norton will absolutely love this book!”

“A great new series by Henry Vogel. In addition to his usual scifi thriller/adventure story, Vogel has added a generous splash of mystery, a computer slicer (hacker) character, and an atmosphere of political intrigue among royal families, reminiscent of C. J. Cherryh’s Foreigner series […] I can’t wait to see how the mystery unfolds.”

“Nobility, corruption, succession scandals, and old grudges fill this book, and take it beyond the great majority of space sf.’

“This is my first book written by Henry Vogel—definitely won’t be the last! This is more than Science Fiction—it has elements of the mystery/thriller, as well. His characters are well-drawn and you actually like them and care what happens to them. Danger and twists abound as Jeanine and Drake try to solve a mystery which could affect the galaxy (and has ramifications all the way to the royal family). Look this one over—get it—read it—and enjoy!”

THE RECOGNITION RUN is now available exclusively for Amazon Kindle and Kindle Reader Apps at these links.


Trade paperback edition coming soon!

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