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Free Books!

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Yes, it’s FREE BOOKS time again! This weekend only, Tyler Tork is at Minicon 52, and to make things more fun we’re giving away the Kindle ebook edition of Doctor Dead: A Percy & Quincey Adventure, for free! If you’re the get-down-to-brass-tacks sort here’s the link — — but if you need more of a sales pitch, read the reviews!

Tyler Tork has created a highly colorful and rich story. As I read, I was reminded pleasantly of the writings of Sir Arthur Conon Doyle. The dialogue, description, and people of 1904 San Fransisco were so well written that one would think Tyler Tork grew up in that era (perhaps the time machine is not as fictional as one might think). This book has done something rare for me, it left me not knowing what would come next. I frequently thought, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming.” Tyler has a wonderful imagination and I am only sad that the book ended and I now have to wait for the sequel.

A page turner. Fantastical and sciency at the same time. Makes one look forward to the release of the next episode.

“This was a great read that left both me and my son wanting a sequel. The characters were engaging and the various settings were easily believed to be actual places that I might have seen before. Great book.”

“Great story! Love the characters.”

“Tyler Tork masterfully weaves multiple speculative fiction elements into a highly cohesive, fast paced, truly enjoyable read. His characters are engaging, as is the storyline, and the ending is extremely satisfying, while leaving the door open for future installments. I hope he will provide us with more Percy & Quincy Adventures very soon.”

“Tork cannonballs his protagonists, and the readers, into a deadly dilemma where any choice appears wrong, then twists the tale with a convincing, surprising solution. And that’s only the beginning of trouble for our engaging twosome. Just when you feel Percy and Quincey are safe, a tumult of terrible springs up, leading our heroes into one fight-for-life after another. Along the way, Tork introduces characters who help, hinder, or harm the boys and their mission. Peopled with unique personalities, peppered with unexpected alliances, Doctor Dead delivers an easy-to-read page-turner with a plethora of imaginative villains, situations and resolutions. I eagerly await the next Percy and Quincey adventure!”

“It took me a while to read this book and get a review posted, but this is a good thing! I commit to a lot of book reviews and often rush through them just to get the job done, if I’m honest. I wanted to savor Doctor Dead. I enjoyed reading it, and therefore I took my time with it and didn’t let myself worry about deadlines. I simply allowed myself to enjoy a well-told story, which is what reading is supposed to be for, right?”


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But wait, there’s more!
And Tyler has books with him at Minicon! Find him and he’ll sign one for you!

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